Infinity Tool - Greatest Pack for Video Creators V1.5 - Videohive 23736432 - Công cụ thiết kế dành cho thiết kế video

Download FREE – Tải về miễn phí: Infinity Tool – Greatest Pack for Video Creators V1.5 – Công cụ dành cho thiết kế video, Template đang được bán trên chợ Videohive với giá $49.

Thông tin cơ bản:

  • 3000+ đối tượng đồ họa chình sửa và biên tập video
  • After Effect CC 2018+
  • 1920×1080 FULL HD
  • Tương thích:  After Effects CC 2019, CC 2018
  • Độ phân giải: 1920×1080
  • No plugin required
  • Easy Color Selector
  • Video tutorial included
  • Chi tiết xem tại đây: Videohive
  • Hướng dẫn:


  • 01-Single Scenes: Beautiful layouts with responsive feature
  • 02-Titles: Modern titles for all porpuses
  • 03-Backgrounds: Simple and colorful backgrounds
  • 04-Diagrams: Amazing diagrams with exeptional customizable options
  • 05-Self Resizing Boxes: Text boxes that auto resize to text length
  • 06-Line Callout: Text pleace holders that sticks to a certain point on your video.
  • 07-Instagram: Animated design for your instagram post or story
  • 08-Web Elements: For the first time in the world, Animated UI elements as a template
  • 09-Countdowns: Count anything with animated numbers
  • 10-Simple Shapes: Simple animated shapes for any purpose
  • 11-Shape: Animated shapes in style
  • 12-Complex Shapes: Fireworks in a simple shape!
  • 13-Transitions: Flat transition for any project
  • 14-Social Elements: Engage your users with eyecandy emojies and call to action buttons
  • 15-Vintage: Vintage typography for classy tastes
  • 16-Device Mockups: Facinating mockups to showcase your app or website
  • 17-Google Ads: With these animated templates your ads never gonna be missed again
  • 18-Premade Scenes: Compelety made with Infinity items, This category is just a little showcase of what you can do with Infinity Tool
  • 19-Logo Reveal: Show your logo in a stylish way
  • 20-Neon VFX: Trendy Neon lines and items
  • 21-Film Credits: Simple animated text that can be used as film credits
  • 22-Social Websites: Animated mockup for social media websites

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Size: 1.30 GB

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