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Baev Maxim – Complex Light

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Hello! course in the world! Record on the link in the profile header At the end of the post, a rally for a place (The rally has already passed) ⠀ I am launching an online course on complex light. I’ll tell you about how I work with pulsed and constant light, how I create glare and refraction, torn and geometric light, how I work with color filters. And, most importantly, I will show all this in practice on the model in the studio. ⠀ For maximum effectiveness, homework and thesis will be in the course. ⠀ The list of topics, training formats and cost are indicated on the telegram channel. Start on November 25th, after the start of the recording will not. Link in the profile, go and study! ⠀ And I am playing out one free place on the course (medium participation) – for this you need to be subscribed to @baevmaxim and mark 3 friends in the comments who would benefit from this course. 1 comment per person is accepted. The results of the draw will be announced live on November 19. If you already buy a course at this point and win – get the money back, even if it’s Hard!

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