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Learn why less is sometimes more! Join award-winning photographer Nate Dappen as he shares techniques for taking flawless monochromatic photographs. First, enjoy an overview of the equipment you’ll need, and learn which camera settings Nate relies on in his black-and-white work. Then, review strategies for successful composition, including the rule of thirds and the golden spiral, and find out how to work with any light, for stunning results. Moving on, Nate demonstrates how to create a perfect studio background, no matter your budget. And, he shares tips for using flashes, reflectors and diffusers to your advantage, when your lighting won’t cooperate. Next, discover the secrets to taking beautiful candid photographs, including Nate’s tried-and-true tips for telling a bad joke to elicit genuine emotion. Finally, dive into the post-production process and learn how to organize and edit your photos.

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