EOSHD Pro Color V4.0 HDR – LUTs For Sony A7 III and A7R III

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EOSHD Pro Color improves upon a range of issues with Sony’s default colour science. Your straight-out-of-camera footage will get a professional cinematic treatment.

Main features:

  • Skintones, faces and people given a more flattering treatment
  • Reduced colour clipping (prevents luminous blues burning out to neon green)
  • Maximum colour fidelity and dynamic range with EOSHD Pro Color HDR
  • Truer, deeper reds and warm tones
  • Greater separation of green hues for richer looking landscapes
  • Greater separation of blue hues for better skies and deeper cool tones under artificial light
  • Makes the camera better in mixed lighting situations, with better look to both warm AND cool light in one shot
  • Smoother and more film-like roll off to highlights and shadows
  • Confidence on a shoot you have expertly set colour with no unpleasant surprises
  • Works with 4K and 1080p video
  • Works with JPEG photos
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