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G-PRESETS – Janelle Elise Presets

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Preset màu dành cho Lr. Janelle Elise Presets consists of 7 color presets and 2 BW presets.
This pack is designed to gently bring forward the beauty of each moment authentically with vibrancy and added nuanced brightness and contrast. We prioritized preserving true-to-life colors to make these presets both incredibly versatile and spectacularly unique. And with nine presets in total, this punchy little pack of confidence makes transitioning from dawn to dusk easy AF.

Thông tin chi tiết:

  • Tương thích: Lightroom Classic CC (version 7.3 or later), Lightroom CC (version 1.3 or later), or Adobe Camera Raw (version 10.3 or later).
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Size: 1.87 Mb
Link – Download: Vinload.Com
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