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Groundcontrolcolor – Vengeance LUTs for Blackmagic

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Vengeance bao gồm 9 LUTs mang đến cái nhìn độc đáo để mang đến cho cảnh quay của bạn phong cách điện ảnh tuyệt đẹp.

GC_Bleach – Bleach bypass film look.
GC_Coal – Rich black & white
GC_Fall – Warm film look
GC_Fame – Blockbuster film look
GC_Hollywood – Complimentary color film look
GC_Shore – Retro-Styled film look
GC_Skyline – Beautiful skies and filmic contrast
GC_Vultures – Action movie contrast w/greener tones
GC_Wolves – Gritty film curve with attitude!

Thông tin chi tiết:

  • .cube, .3DL, and .mga formats.
  • No Plugins.
  • Tương thích: Davinci Resolve 9 and Later, Adobe Speedgrade CC and Later, Final Cut Pro X * (LUT Utility Required), Adobe After Effects CC and Later, Adobe Premiere CC and Later, Adobe Media Encoder CC and Later, Adobe Photoshop CC and Later

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Size: 4.77 Mb
Download: Vinload.Com
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