Hurlbut Academy – HOW TO BE A FOCUS PULLER

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THIS COURSE INCLUDES: 7 Lessons, 1 FREE Lesson, over 1.5 hours of Instructional Video and detailed written Breakdowns

Thông tin chi tiết:

  • The art and technical process offocuspulling
  • What tools to carry on your tool belt
  • What tools and supplies to have in your set case
  • How to properly prep acamerapackage before the shoot
  • How to communicate with your DP during prep
  • How to prep and test the lenses during yourcameraprep
  • How to set up thefocusmonitor
  • Which settings on thefocusmonitors will help you in different situations
  • How to communicate with your team to get the right marks and keep sharpfocus
  • Zenfocustechniques for watchingcamera movementand actors motions to successfully pull sharpfocusevery time
  • Insider tips of the trade that no one talks about
  • Tương thích: n/a
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Size:  3.46 Gb
Download: Vinload.Com
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