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Stormy Solis – Summer 2020

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  • “Mauka + Makai” Preset Pack — only available as part of the Summer Season or All In Access. Preset pack was developed for greens + beaches. 11 Color Presets.
  • “Stormy Summer” Actions: Dramatic Skies, No neon, Rich Matte color, Here Comes the Sun, Walking on Sunshine, Pocket Full of Sunshine, Lens Flare 1 & Lens Flare 2.
  • “Scouting & Locations: Knowing what to look for and knowing how it’ll edit” Video: A walk through of all my tips and tricks to see locations when scouting, so that you can be picking locations that’ll provide the best backdrops for editing
  • “Editing for dramatic skies in sunny & overcast conditions” Summer Editing Video
  • Behind the Scenes Video: Showing clients they want wind in their sessions + battling inclement weather in a beautiful way. Motherhood Session.
  • Behind the Scenes Video: Working with Older Children and Teens. Family Session. Video will be added to the course by July 31.
  • “Connecting” Video. I’ll go over how I engage with my clients from the first contact to the finish to help me capture authentic and emotive moments, build trust and create vulnerability.
  • “Things learned as I venture into videography – update from Spring Season” Video
  • “Creating a Profitable & Sustainable Business” Video
  • The Artistry in Culling
  • “Detail Shots” and “What Lenses to use for What” Video: what to look for and how to create art versus gallery fillers
  • Guest Educator: Chloe Rosser – teaching on harsh light shooting & editing

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  • Xem thêm tại đây: https://www.stormysolis.com/aha-year-2-growing-with-you/

Size: 23.4 Gb
Download: Mauka + Makai

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